Four Ways Metal Buildings Save You Money

As you evaluate your options for construction for your new business or even a facility on your personal property, don’t forget to consider a pre-engineered metal building. These types of buildings provide a great number of benefits versus others you may be looking at, especially as it relates to cutting costs. If this sounds good to you both now and ongoing, learn these four ways metal buildings save you money.

UPFRONT cost savings of pre-engineered metal buildings:

Through their design. The plans of a pre-engineered metal building are determined using computer software. This method drastically cuts down the time – and expenses – required for design.

During construction. Pre-engineered metal buildings are just what their name says, meaning they’re constructed before they ever even arrive to your location. This process reduces costs related to traditional construction needs, personnel, and extensive timelines. Further, for businesses, the reduced time required to open your doors allows you to get a jump on sales.

ONGOING cost savings of pre-engineered metal buildings:

Through use. The steel used to make pre-engineered metal buildings is highly durable and long lasting, which allows it to effectively weather the elements. This results in energy efficiency (and related savings) as well as reduced risk of damage (and costly repairs).

With insurance. The same sturdy (and fire resistant) framework of metal buildings mentioned above can result in lower insurance premiums, especially when compared to facilities built with wood.

These four areas show that business owners and other individuals have the opportunity to save costs when choosing a pre-engineered metal building versus others. If you’ve chosen this route for construction, are there other savings you’ve realized up front or ongoing? Share with us on Facebook or LinkedIn!

To learn more about pre-engineered metal buildings, contact our team at BEP Engineering Services.

Two Key Attributes of an Effective Project Scope

In a recent post, your BEP Engineering Services team disclosed five ways in which your scope can negatively impact your project. Now, let’s focus on how to avoid having an inadequate scope in order to ensure your project’s success.

Here are two key attributes of an effective project scope:

A clear vision. Do you truly know what it is you want to achieve? If not, it’s highly likely no one else does either. Don’t allow general contractors to pad numbers in order to cover any possible changes due to your uncertainty, and don’t rack up change orders in trying to figure it out. Take some time to define what you want to accomplish to ensure 1) you have the end result you desire and 2) you’re not paying more than you should be.

Details, details, details. Once you have a clear vision, think that vision completely through and lay it all out on paper. Put it into words or images; just make sure that the details are there to fully support your vision. This will ensure general contractors are completely clear on your expectations and their deliverables, and allow them to communicate those effectively to their subcontractors. It also provides you a paper trail in the event of issues.

Because of our experience and our customer-first philosophy, we always put ourselves in our clients’ shoes and help them iron out these two key attributes of an effective project scope. After all, their success is our success, so if we can help you realize your vision, without unnecessary costs and heartache, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Three Big Benefits of Choosing BRUNNER HILDEBRAND Dry Kilns

In case you missed it, BEP Engineering Services is now a master distributor of industry-leading BRUNNER HILDEBRAND dry kilns. Not only are we excited to enhance our assistance to our forest product industry clients, we’re proud to be able to bring them valuable equipment of this caliber.

If you’re not familiar with the company’s progressive and conventional offerings, get to know them with these three big benefits of choosing BRUNNER HILDEBRAND dry kilns:

Experience. The company got its start over 60 years ago, and has since installed more than 15,000 dry kilns worldwide, while pioneering many of the technologies you see used in today’s dry kilns. In 2009, HILDEBRAND merged with SECEA®, an organization with 20 years in the production of lumber dry kilns, specialized kilns, biomass boilers, and more. Together, their experience demonstrates their innovative approach and know-how in meeting the simple-to-complex requirements of the forest industry.

Variety of offerings. BRUNNER HILDEBRAND understands that all players in the forest products industry were not created equal. That’s why the company offers various types of kilns in various sizes and with various configurations, all the way down to the doors, ensuring its ability to meet the unique needs of any individual or operation.

Advanced technology. In providing various options, BRUNNER HILDEBRAND offers the most advanced technology possible for dry kilns. This includes computer controls via PCs or mobile devices, front-loading vacuum kilns, steam pulsating technology, and more. Depending on your requirements and budget, the company can deliver the additional functionality you need to save money and increase efficiency.

At BEP Engineering Services, we know that you have many choices when it comes to dry kilns, and we welcome the opportunity to provide information on how BRUNNER HILDEBRAND kilns can best meet your needs and contribute more value to your operations. Look for other helpful information related to dry kilns here in the near future, or contact us for details.

BEP Engineering Services Expands Forest Industry Offerings with Most Advanced Dry Kilns Available

BEP Engineering Services Ltd. today announced the expansion of its product and service offerings to include the industry’s most innovative dry kilns and control systems. The company has partnered with the pioneer and established leader in timber drying kilns, BRUNNER HILDEBRAND®, in order to provide added value to its forest industry clients.

As a prime consultant specializing in mill engineering, BEP Engineering Services has well over three decades’ experience working in the forest industry and understands the needs of its various clients throughout North America. That is why BEP Engineering Services was chosen as a master distributor and partner for the conventional and progressive BRUNNER HILDEBRAND kilns.

Read the full release here…

Is a Pre-Engineered Metal Building for Your Business?

When many people think of pre-engineered metal buildings, the first thing that comes to mind is an industrial facility. The truth is, however, that pre-engineered metal buildings are often used as the basis for many kinds of organizations.

As a representative of United Global Group, JDG Construction and Allied Steel Buildings Inc., your BEP Engineering Services team has had the opportunity to provide service for a variety of clients whose focus includes aviation, business, government, retail, recreation, and worship, among several others. We have even assisted with pre-engineered metal buildings for use in a residential setting, such as a garage or out-building.

The appeal of a pre-engineered metal building for all of these clients is the minimal time required for design and erection of their facilities, which in turn allows them to quickly open their doors and realize their goals or dreams. They also rest assured that the quality of their pre-engineered metal building will sustain their objective for many, many years to come.

If these two points resonate with you, please contact the BEP Engineering Services team today to discuss a pre-engineered metal building for your needs.

Two Important Reasons You Need an Experienced Firm for Mill Engineering

If you’re ready to open your new mill or revamp your current facilities, you’re either about to go out to bid or are in the process of evaluating your proposals. Different mills will base their decision on different considerations, ranging from price to reputation, but there’s one factor that should always be front of mind – experience in mill engineering.

By having a firm grasp of the mill products industry and what a company needs to succeed in it, an engineering firm specializing in mill engineering offers the following two important benefits to your business:

Full-service engineering. Your standard engineering firm may know how to design and build, but do its personnel know your business well enough to also offer services related to your equipment? Save time and headache during planning and execution when you go for mill engineering experience.

Cost efficiencies. By partnering with a firm that understands your facility needs, costs may be realized in construction, as well as on an ongoing basis. Save money when you partner with a mill engineering firm that can set you up for maximum efficiency and minimum energy utilization.

Whether or not you realize it, your engineering firm’s experience in mill engineering is going to affect your bottom line in one or several ways, so make the wise choice.

Learn more about our mill engineering services, as well as the clients who have relied on BEP Engineering Services, on our website.

5 Ways Inadequate Scope can Negatively Affect your Projects’ Success

A picture says a thousand words, but each person who reads that description sees a different picture. 

This is exemplified by the cartoon below.

Clear Scope Matters!

#1 Vendors & installation contractors will either apply contingencies to cover uncertainties or require major extras to complete your project.

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3 Practical Things you Can Do to Make your Sawmill an Industry Leader

All of the following are important and can help you avoid losing revenue. Here are the top 3 things you can do to make your sawmill an Industry leader.

#3 Plan Ahead:

“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” is one of those lines we’ve all used at one time or another, but living in the present at a Sawmill can backfire. » More…

Raffle Prizes: SNEAK PEEK

With BEP attending the 2015 Forest Products Machinery & Equipment Expo next week we wanted to make sure to give you a heads up on the prizes that you could win from our raffle at booth #A116.

Our prizes are as follows:

  • 1st Prize: $1500 off a two day site visit to Sketch and Discuss you Mill Modification Together!
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How to Enter? Drop off your business card at our booth (#A116).

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Looking forward to seeing you all at the expo!

We’ve Expanded!

Our office space has increased 33%! This means that we have an even greater capacity to handle your spring engineering projects. Also, with the extra space we have been able to put in a conference room! This makes for a great place to collaborate with our experts and make sure your project is completed the way you envisioned.

We currently have a staff of 14 who can handle significant projects and have extra capacity for additional project work for early spring and summer. With our new office addition we have capacity for 22 staff to help meet your projects requirements. Please let us know if we can be of any service to you.

If you have any spring projects or questions be sure to give us a call at (604)-575-3322.