An Overview of Dry Kilns from Brunner-Hildebrand

kiln, wood drying, woodBEP Engineering Services announced a partnership with Brunner-Hildebrand, the timber drying kilns leader, back in November 2015. Now, the company offers a wide range of Brunner-Hildebrand products to suit the needs of its forest industry clients.

“At BEP Engineering Services, we’re committed to providing complete industrial solutions for our clients, not just engineering services,” said Bernie Pahlke, president of BEP Engineering Services. “That means giving them easy access to the most innovative equipment available, like Brunner-Hildebrand kilns, and we’re proud to be able to fulfill a need and create further efficiencies and cost savings for them, too.”

Brunner-Hildebrand is the original leader in the dry kiln market.  Since 1960, the company has installed more than 15,000 dry kilns worldwide.  Quality and longevity of our kilns are legendary.  Innovation is the company’s passion and has been the pioneer in the continuous kiln field by introducing the world’s first continuous dry kiln in 1975 – 40 years ago!  Let’s take a look at some of the different types of kilns produced by Brunner-Hildebrand and their features.

Continuous Kilns

Over time we have installed over 50 continuous kilns in various market sectors that include forest products, food products, cement fibre boards, paper products, etc. More recently Brunner-Hildebrand has re-introduced a new version of the continuous kiln that incorporates the “GreenKiln” design.  The 2016 version Hildebrand Continuous kiln is called the Alexander HCK – the drying technology is highly suited to production softwood mills seeking to improve KD productivity, increase appearance grade lumber and optimize cost efficiency.  The drying system benefit from the continuous availability of lumber without long loading and unloading times.  The drying is integrated with the logistics of the mill without the need for a great deal of additional storage.  In addition, the mill can achieve thermal & electrical savings, improved lumber grade, reduction in emissions and bring the lumber product quicker to market compared to conventional kilns.

The Hildebrand Alexander HCK Continuous Kiln can be adapted to any heat source and configured for hot air, hot water or steam heating mediums.

Hildebrand Greenkilns
These new kilns from Brunner-Hildebrand are designed to reduce the impact of equipment on the environment. Some of their features include vents that work in sync with the conventional drying system and the use of reservoir heat during the cool-down process.

Progressive Kiln
The progressive kiln from Brunner-Hildebrand is especially helpful for large sawmills that have a continuous high turnaround of similar timber species, as well as little variation in final moisture content. The kiln is designed with special walls for quick assembly and the utmost durability. It can also be customized to promote lateral air flow or lengthwise air flow, and it comes with radial side fan options.

High-Capacity Dryer Model HTR100
This dry kiln is available with a stacking width up to 56 feet and track lengths up to 100 feet. Its most popular door design is the sliding lift door, which can be easily and quickly opened when needed.

Standard HTS Kiln
The standard HTS kiln model is designed for loading packages in various lengths. It is available for both package and track loading, and kiln chambers can be added later for more versatility.

Portable Dry Kiln HCM Model
This model comes with a heat pump, and it has a capacity from 10,000bft to 25,000bft. No boiler is necessary, and it can be transported by truck if necessary. Additionally, Brunner-Hildebrand has the kiln available for rental.

Hildebrand Greenkilns
These new kilns from Brunner-Hildebrand are designed to reduce the impact of equipment on the environment. Some of their features include vents that work in sync with the conventional drying system and the use of reservoir heat during the cool-down process.

All of Brunner-Hildebrand’s kilns are made from aluminum or stainless steel, and are designed to meet the seismic and environmental conditions of the mill location. They also manufacture their products to meet International Plant Protection Convention requirements.

To learn more about what types of kilns you can purchase through BEP Engineering Services, visit the company website. Here, you can also find additional information on how Brunner-Hildebrand’s kilns can benefit you on your job site, as well as which BEP Engineering services may work for you.


New Year’s Resolutions for 2016’s Mills

The year is quickly winding down and 2016 will be here before we know it. As you look for means to create efficiencies in mill operations and brainstorm ways to generate more revenue in the New Year, don’t forget about what your team at BEP Engineering Services can offer you.

With almost 35 years in business, we’ve grown alongside you and have fine-tuned our offerings to meet your mill’s unique needs related to plant modernization. This means you can look to us for assistance with:

Professional Mill Engineering. Let us review your equipment layouts and flow of your plant to offer suggestions for improvement. We may find that simple redesign and modifications to existing equipment can create efficiencies and reduce your costs.

Dry Kilns. We’re partnered with BRUNNER HILDEBRAND, the pioneer and industry leader in dry kilns, to bring you their innovative drying technologies. These include conventional kilns and a wide variety of continuous kilns to meet any drying need.

Dust Control. Help your employees to work as efficiently as possible, minimize equipment maintenance, and reduce risk of fire when you get dust under control. At BEP Engineering Services, we offer Agglomerative Dust Suppression Systems to help you meet these goals.

In closing, know that we at BEP Engineering Services stand ready to help you gain a competitive edge and ensure customer satisfaction in order to boost your business in the New Year. Contact us to discuss your needs, and let’s get a plant modernization plan in place for 2016.

Three Big Benefits of Choosing BRUNNER HILDEBRAND Dry Kilns

In case you missed it, BEP Engineering Services is now a master distributor of industry-leading BRUNNER HILDEBRAND dry kilns. Not only are we excited to enhance our assistance to our forest product industry clients, we’re proud to be able to bring them valuable equipment of this caliber.

If you’re not familiar with the company’s progressive and conventional offerings, get to know them with these three big benefits of choosing BRUNNER HILDEBRAND dry kilns:

Experience. The company got its start over 60 years ago, and has since installed more than 15,000 dry kilns worldwide, while pioneering many of the technologies you see used in today’s dry kilns. In 2009, HILDEBRAND merged with SECEA®, an organization with 20 years in the production of lumber dry kilns, specialized kilns, biomass boilers, and more. Together, their experience demonstrates their innovative approach and know-how in meeting the simple-to-complex requirements of the forest industry.

Variety of offerings. BRUNNER HILDEBRAND understands that all players in the forest products industry were not created equal. That’s why the company offers various types of kilns in various sizes and with various configurations, all the way down to the doors, ensuring its ability to meet the unique needs of any individual or operation.

Advanced technology. In providing various options, BRUNNER HILDEBRAND offers the most advanced technology possible for dry kilns. This includes computer controls via PCs or mobile devices, front-loading vacuum kilns, steam pulsating technology, and more. Depending on your requirements and budget, the company can deliver the additional functionality you need to save money and increase efficiency.

At BEP Engineering Services, we know that you have many choices when it comes to dry kilns, and we welcome the opportunity to provide information on how BRUNNER HILDEBRAND kilns can best meet your needs and contribute more value to your operations. Look for other helpful information related to dry kilns here in the near future, or contact us for details.