The Advantages of Using Pre-Engineered Buildings

building, buildings, engineeringThere are several advantages that come with using a pre-engineered building for a project, regardless of its size. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the main benefits of doing so before you tackle your next operation.

Quick Installation
BEP Engineering can erect a pre-engineered building in far less time than a traditional on-site constructed building. All materials are fabricated, cut to length and pre-prepared in a controlled environment to be shipped to site and quickly erected. In the time it takes for the materials to be prepped, the foundations can be poured in parallel reducing the overall time it takes to install a new building. This also reduces the safety risk as less work and time is spent on site.

Creating a Floor Plan is Easy
If you’re working with a company like BEP Engineering, you can be sure that creating a floor plan for a pre-engineered building is quick and easy. Furthermore, you can ensure that you’re using all of your floor space efficiently.

You’re Guaranteed Top Quality
BEP Engineering ensures that you’re getting a top-quality pre-engineered building when you sign up to work with the company. Our experts are designed to make professional-grade structures for any job. The buildings are designed and certified for seismic loads and environmental requirements as well.

You’ll Have Lower Operating Costs
Operating costs for pre-engineered buildings are generally lower compared to the alternative. If you have a tight budget, this may be the ideal option for you.

To learn more about how you can design and construct a pre-engineered building for your project, contact BEP Engineering today.

Four Ways Metal Buildings Save You Money

As you evaluate your options for construction for your new business or even a facility on your personal property, don’t forget to consider a pre-engineered metal building. These types of buildings provide a great number of benefits versus others you may be looking at, especially as it relates to cutting costs. If this sounds good to you both now and ongoing, learn these four ways metal buildings save you money.

UPFRONT cost savings of pre-engineered metal buildings:

Through their design. The plans of a pre-engineered metal building are determined using computer software. This method drastically cuts down the time – and expenses – required for design.

During construction. Pre-engineered metal buildings are just what their name says, meaning they’re constructed before they ever even arrive to your location. This process reduces costs related to traditional construction needs, personnel, and extensive timelines. Further, for businesses, the reduced time required to open your doors allows you to get a jump on sales.

ONGOING cost savings of pre-engineered metal buildings:

Through use. The steel used to make pre-engineered metal buildings is highly durable and long lasting, which allows it to effectively weather the elements. This results in energy efficiency (and related savings) as well as reduced risk of damage (and costly repairs).

With insurance. The same sturdy (and fire resistant) framework of metal buildings mentioned above can result in lower insurance premiums, especially when compared to facilities built with wood.

These four areas show that business owners and other individuals have the opportunity to save costs when choosing a pre-engineered metal building versus others. If you’ve chosen this route for construction, are there other savings you’ve realized up front or ongoing? Share with us on Facebook or LinkedIn!

To learn more about pre-engineered metal buildings, contact our team at BEP Engineering Services.

Is a Pre-Engineered Metal Building for Your Business?

When many people think of pre-engineered metal buildings, the first thing that comes to mind is an industrial facility. The truth is, however, that pre-engineered metal buildings are often used as the basis for many kinds of organizations.

As a representative of United Global Group, JDG Construction and Allied Steel Buildings Inc., your BEP Engineering Services team has had the opportunity to provide service for a variety of clients whose focus includes aviation, business, government, retail, recreation, and worship, among several others. We have even assisted with pre-engineered metal buildings for use in a residential setting, such as a garage or out-building.

The appeal of a pre-engineered metal building for all of these clients is the minimal time required for design and erection of their facilities, which in turn allows them to quickly open their doors and realize their goals or dreams. They also rest assured that the quality of their pre-engineered metal building will sustain their objective for many, many years to come.

If these two points resonate with you, please contact the BEP Engineering Services team today to discuss a pre-engineered metal building for your needs.