Sawmill Consulting

BEP Engineering is a varied-disciplined engineering organization that has more over two decades of engineering experience; however, the specialty of BEP Engineering lies in sawmill consulting, offering unbiased,… efficiency fragile industrial material handling and our sawmill consulting services cover Sawmill, Reman, Plywood, Planermill, Veneer, Pulp and Paper, Particle Board, Hardboard and other Fiber Board Projects. BEP Engineering is made up of a team of professional and highly experienced engineers who are able to handle all aspects of sawmill consulting, ranging from equipment layout and flows plans, as well as reducing energy costs and increasing overall plant operation and productivity. In addition to our engineering background, BEP Engineering has developed a clear understanding of sawmill equipment and operating systems design, and due to their specialty in wood technology applications, BEP Engineering has assisted many organizations within the forestry industry with sawmill consulting services, including concept development, creative design and product mix optimization.

Over and above BEP Engineering’s sawmill consulting services, BEP offers design, detailing and certification services and due to their full service engineering capabilities, the staff of BEP Engineer is able to promptly respond to our client’s particular requests which range from smaller sized drafting project or engineering projects which run into millions of dollars. By delivering professional sawmill consulting services, your sawmilling industry will be offered assistance and engineering within specific projects, such as redesigning and modifying of existing equipment, hydraulic design and schematics for new and modified equipment, field measuring and drafting at current sawmill plants, increasing efficiency at reduced costs, product mix optimization as well as strategic planning.

Being a leading sawmill consulting engineering organization, BEP Engineering will oversee the tendering process, which will include adjudicating and reviewing tenders for supply of equipment and construction at the sawmill plant, as well as the overall design of the operation. Our twenty-seven years of experience has provided us with necessary assistance within the forestry sector to offer valuable and practical sawmill consulting services which will concentrate on maximizing production and operation of the plant. When client’s approach BEP Engineering for sawmill consulting services, BEP Engineering will expertly handle and obtain the necessary building permits, prepare and handle bid inquires, and oversee the evaluations of the tenderers by way of adjudication reports. This process will ensure that the tenderers will be selected on their merit, skill, experience as well as expertise within a sawmill plant. Furthermore, BEP Engineering will take care of the design review, process engineering contract and studies that will form part of the overall sawmill consulting services. For additional information on the full range of services offered by this multi-disciplined engineering organization, please feel free to view our website,, and let BEP Engineering’s sawmill consulting service bring you the assistance needed to get an existing or new sawmill plant up and running to maximum efficiency. In addition to consulting services designed to meet the demands of wood manufacturing and processing plants, BEP Engineering offers steel building design, which is proving to be a cost-effective method of creating retail as well office space.