Steel Building Design

Steel buildings have been proven to deliver a number of cost saving advantages to the clients of BEP Engineering and the modern steel building design can be effectively used in conjunction with existing, conventional… type buildings. Due to the wide span of the steel building design since there is less need for support columns and beams within the design of the steel building, larger floor and workspace is obtained and within this vein, steel buildings are used as preferred alternatives for packaging or manufacturing clients, where space is paramount. BEP Engineering is a complete service engineering organization which has almost three decades of engineering experience, over and above offering steel building design, and is able to assist with detailing and certification services. BEP Engineering’s project experience and past involvements include the engineering disciplines of mechanical and mill, civil or structural, and electrical engineering, while at the same time their skill and knowledge permits them to handle smaller sized drafting projects as well as multi-million dollar projects. The services of this highly skilled engineering organization extends to clients seeking steel building design within many industries and since BEP Engineering is represented by the American Buildings Company, client’s can gain the assurance that they will be receiving expert steel building design services from a multi-faceted engineering company.

Throughout the steel building design phase BEP Engineering will utilize state-of-the art computer software which will greatly reduce design time, and as such the steel building will installed within a matter of days after initial design. When a comparison is made between steel buildings and traditional wooden constructions, steel buildings have ranked supreme in terms of proving to be the best building choice for significantly reduced heating and utility costs, an increase in usable floor space, and lastly the steel buildings can be insured at far less premiums than the wooden counterparts. However, perhaps the most remarkable advantage of steel buildings is that steel structure is considered as a movable asset and the complete steel building design has been created to be dismantled and moved, and reinstalled and needed. Unlike a conventional structure, the steel building will form part of the organization’s movable assets. Choosing to select a steel building designer over traditional building design will reduce initial startup costs and almost instantly create usable facility, which can be constructed within a few days after initial design.

The BEP Engineering website affords online users the opportunity to familiarize themselves the options of steel building designs offered by BEP Engineering and list the complete range of engineering services, including structural design and detailing of new buildings, building permits, preparation of bid inquires and evaluations. For clients looking to explore the benefits of steel building design, the steel building structures have been successfully used within a number of application types ranging from retail, warehouse, and office space. For further insight into the vast advantages of steel building design, please feel free to view BEP Engineering’s website,, and permit BEP Engineering to introduce you to a brand new and cost-effective building choice.