Geotechnical Engineering Certification

certifiedIf your project calls for someone to engage in soil and other environmental investigation and reporting, you may need an engineer with geotechnical certification. BEP Engineering Services can help you put together a team to get your people certified for your project’s needs.

Geotechnical certification is a voluntary, optional certification provided by the American Society of Civil Engineers. The requirements for these certifications vary depending upon how much education and direct field experience an engineer has had, and what he or she wants to do with the accreditation. The requirements may be a four-year degree, years of practice in the field, and even postgraduate study. Generally, this certification also makes an engineer more competitive in the job market.

There are four levels of certification in geotechnical engineering. The first level is for entry-level engineers and those in training who only perform under regular supervision, and are only allowed to perform certain tasks. Engineers working on the second level have daily supervision and perform the most common tasks. Third-level engineers are considered intermediate, and may operate with some or no supervisions, while fourth-level individuals have no supervision and often supervise others. To achieve the higher certification levels an engineer must either be certified already at a lower level, or meet certain education and experience standards.

The purpose of geotechnical certification is an opportunity to keep engineers’ knowledge up-to-date and learn the current, leading technologies associated with soil examination. Certified engineering technicians investigate a site’s environment before and during any construction, or at any exploration, or laboratory site. Certification includes education in common soil classification, construction, laboratory tests, field tests, or reports. An engineer can specialize in a subfield, such as construction, or be certified as a generalist with experience in all areas.

At BEP, we can help you get your engineers and your project certified. Call us today to find out how we can help you with certifications, or with other elements of your facility and project.