Two Key Attributes of an Effective Project Scope

In a recent post, your BEP Engineering Services team disclosed five ways in which your scope can negatively impact your project. Now, let’s focus on how to avoid having an inadequate scope in order to ensure your project’s success.

Here are two key attributes of an effective project scope:

A clear vision. Do you truly know what it is you want to achieve? If not, it’s highly likely no one else does either. Don’t allow general contractors to pad numbers in order to cover any possible changes due to your uncertainty, and don’t rack up change orders in trying to figure it out. Take some time to define what you want to accomplish to ensure 1) you have the end result you desire and 2) you’re not paying more than you should be.

Details, details, details. Once you have a clear vision, think that vision completely through and lay it all out on paper. Put it into words or images; just make sure that the details are there to fully support your vision. This will ensure general contractors are completely clear on your expectations and their deliverables, and allow them to communicate those effectively to their subcontractors. It also provides you a paper trail in the event of issues.

Because of our experience and our customer-first philosophy, we always put ourselves in our clients’ shoes and help them iron out these two key attributes of an effective project scope. After all, their success is our success, so if we can help you realize your vision, without unnecessary costs and heartache, don’t hesitate to contact us.