5 Ways Inadequate Scope can Negatively Affect your Projects’ Success

A picture says a thousand words, but each person who reads that description sees a different picture. 

This is exemplified by the cartoon below.

Clear Scope Matters!

#1 Vendors & installation contractors will either apply contingencies to cover uncertainties or require major extras to complete your project.

#2 Poor scope can cost huge amounts of time and money to fix. These repairs are an extra to your budget and are usually unaffordable, causing loss of ROI for lifetime of the equipment.

#3 Inadequate scope can negatively affect your payback and production, which impacts the opportunity to get additional funding for future projects.

#4 Unclear vision of what is expected and what it all costs can create litigation to cover extra costs to complete.  

#5 In the worst cases, project managers can lose their jobs, contractors can go out of business or your Mill Plant could shut down.

None of these things probably happen to you, but if they have or could… we can help you fix and avoid these scenarios!

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