Power Plant Engineering

BEP Engineering has the necessary capabilities of handling the complete scope of power plant engineering, which includes equipment layouts as well as flow plans, redesign and modifications of existing equipment,… hydraulic design and schematics which are necessary for the successful installation of either new or modified equipment, field measures and drafting at existing plants, creative design and conceptual development. During power plant engineering, the design team of BEP Engineering will make certain that the power plant is designed in such a manner to minimize energy costs, while maximizing efficiency at reduced costs. Since BEP Engineering is a multiple disciplined engineering organization that is supported with close to three decades of sound engineering experience and as such, they have the expertise, as well as the experience to offer design, detailing and certification services for clients seeking power plant engineering. Since BEP Engineering’s expertise is so vast and varied, their professional staff can assist with projects ranging from small drafting services, up to and including power plant engineering, as well as multi-million dollar projects.

Over and above efficient power plant engineering, BEP Engineering’s specialty lies within impartial, efficiency sensitive industrial material handling, that includes plant engineering for Sawmill, Reman, Plywood, Planermill, Veneer, Pulp, Paper, Particle Board, Hardboard and Fiber Board projects. Although our specialty lies in wood technology applications within the forestry industry, we have the skill as well as capability of successfully handling power plant engineering, where designs will encourage maximum operating efficiency, at reduced expense. Owing to the fact the BEP Engineering is a multi-disciplined engineering organization, their engineers and designers are able offer valuable assistance with both design and engineering projects, and in addition to offering power plant engineering services, BEP Engineering offers structural design and detailing of all new buildings, electrical control detail and schematics, hydraulic design and schematics for new and used equipment.

When client’s approach BEP Engineering for the services of power plant engineering, BEP Engineering will take care of building permits, prepare and handle bid inquires, evaluations of the tenderers will be carried out by way of adjudication reports, making certain that the tenderers are chosen for their skill, experience and expertise within the power plant industry. In addition, BEP Engineering will handle the design review and process engineering contract and studies, which will form part of the power plant engineering services offered. For additional information on BEP Engineering’s full range of total services, please browse our comprehensive website, www.bepengineering.com, or email BEP Engineering at bep@bepengineering.com. Let our twenty-seven years of engineering experience assist your organization with efficient design services that will offer excellent payback. With power plant engineering, the complete process of power plant design and development will be handled, from schematics and designs, up to and including the construction or improvement of the power plants, including creative design, concept development, strategic planning, field measures and drafting at existing plants. Please gain further insight into BEP Engineering’s range of services via our website.